Uniqueness of technology

The CFC technology brings the following benefits:

  • Product in the form of CFC dry mixes;
  • Great diversity of applications and raw materials;
  • Utilization of waste products – fly ash or slag (Green technology);
  • Less energy for production of CFC dry mixes (Green technology);
  • Less output capacity of the production plant to break even;
  • Much lower investment for same output capacity;
  • Proven franchise system to transfer the technology.

The uniqueness of our technology is that it allows everyone to get cellular concrete practically on the spot and without special knowledge and experience. Individuals can solve many construction tasks quite inexpensively. Construction companies using Сellular Fibro Concrete can increase the quality of construction works and make a good profit as well.

The technology for production of the Cellular Fibro Concrete dry mixes makes it easy to build a new production plant practically in every place in the world.

Uniqueness of projects

The engineering team of СFC International LLC develops each project on individual basis, taking in consideration the specific local conditions, the availability of raw materials, the needs and requirements of the client.

Each production plant for Cellular Fibro Concrete is unique technically, as well as technologically.