A Proven Business System

With the CFC Franchise you get everything necessary - our equipment, technology, know-how and expertise - to start producing the CFC dry mixes fast and to earn well.



The CFC 5 MT franchise - 5 MT per hour production capacity

(what is included)

1. Equipment for the CFC dry mix production plant:

1.1 Silos – 3 pcs x 50 to 60 m3 each;
1.2 Electrical screw conveyors for the silos;
1.3 Bunkers for the chemical additives and fibres. The bunker for fibres can be replaced with a fibre dosing system;
1.4 Automatic mixing equipment for 4 (four) components;
                        - Cement;
                        - Sand, fly ash, slag, etc.;
                        - Additives;
                        - Reinforcement fibers;
1.5 Bunker for intermediate storage;
1.6 Electrical screw conveyor to load from Bunker into Activation system;
1.7 Electro-mechanical Activation System for the CFC dry mix;
1.8 Storage Banker for the ready mix (up to 5000 KGS);
1.9 Electrical screw conveyor to unload from the Storage bunker;
1.10 Packing system for:
                        - Paper bags;
                        - Big bags;
                        - Loading in Silo;

1.11 Compressor systems – 2 pcs;
1.12 Air filtration system;
1.13 Weighing system to load the ready CFC dry mixes into trucks and mobile silos;
1.14 Automatic management system and electrical wiring.

2. Special additives for the production of 100 MT CFC dry mix;

3. Delivery of the equipment and additives to your destination sea port;

4. Supervising the installation, alignment and putting in exploitation of the CFC dry mix plant;

5. Technology transfer:

5.1 Analysis and selection of the locally available raw materials for the CFC dry mix production;
5.2 Development of the optimal additives in accordance with the locally available raw materials;
5.3 Recipes for the chemical additives;
5.4 Support with technical questions and technology;
5.5 Training your personnel to produce and apply the CFC dry mixes;

6. Use of our CFC trademark;

7. Placement of your CFC plant on the CFC corporate website and forwarding to you all customer inquiries originating from your location.

8. Support with marketing materials for new products;

The total price of the CFC 5 MT franchise is 348 000 EUR.

Please, note:

1. The 3 silos are 35000 Euro total and it might be reasonable to obtain them locally;
2. Supervising of installation, alignment and putting in exploitation of the CFC dry mix plant is for our account, however the expenditure for travelling and accommodation of our two specialists that will travel to you should be on your account;
3. We can manufacture and export the automatic CFC 5 MT/hour dry mix plant within 6 to 9 months from the moment we sign a contract.


Growing bigger

In case you decide to expand you can expand the offered CFC plant to 10 MT per hour. You can also set up a second plant in the same or better in a different location to make the produced CFC material more accessible. We can also offer CFC plants with output capacity of 0.5, 10 or 20 MT per hour. We consider however it is much better to start with the 5 MT per hour CFC dry mix production plant (included in the CFC Franchise) when a new market is opened.


 The CFC Master Franchise

We offer one Master Franchise per country. This is the very first franchise per new country. The Holder of the Master Franchise acts as a representative and provides support with technical questions and consultancy on the country local basis. The Master Franchisee receives 10% of every other CFC Franchise sold on the territory of the same country.


 Download the complete CFC 5 MT franchise offer: PDF Download