Technology transfers

We at CFC International LLC are devoted to spreading the technology of Cellular Fibro Concrete production worldwide. Our goal is to introduce and make wide-spread the cellular concrete in our lives.

Our team will develop an individual project, taking into account the raw materials available at your location, will produce and deliver the exclusive equipment, will follow up on equipment installation and exploitation, will deliver the special CFC additive from the nearest area where it is available. The cost for production is individually calculated depending on local conditions. At full capacity load the CFC producing plant returns the investment in a very short period of time.

 For those who would want to manufacture the CFC dry mixes, using our technology, we have a turn key solution - the CFC Franchise - please, read more about it here.

Franchising System

We offer the CFC franchising system to those who would want to manufacture the CFC dry mixes. To find out more, please, click here to read our offer, then contact us to clear any further questions you may have.