It is a well-known fact, proved by many years of exploitation of roads, bridges, tunnels, sidewalks, etc., that some of the crucial factors for road destruction and deterioration are the weak foundations and the frost soil heaving, leading to quick destruction at low temperatures.

The long experience, accumulated in Canada, the USA and England, in applying cellular concrete in the foundations of roads has proved the obvious advantages:

  • cellular concrete considerably reduces (and in some cases completely stops) the influence of moisture on the structure (frost heaving);
  • cellular concrete forms a harder foundation, if compared with gravel, which is an obvious advantage;
  • the weight of the structure is greatly reduced, which is very effective on weak and wet soils, and in the same time the thickness (depth) of the road foundation is considerably reduced;
  • cellular concrete possesses liquid consistency and the roughness of the soil surface is not of great importance;
  • the depth of the ditch is immensely reduced;
  • cellular concrete protects the foundation from softening in rainy weather;
  • decreasing of destruction, backfilling and compaction of the bulk material can lead to foundation destruction with all consequences.


Cellular concrete is successfully used in the construction of bridges. As the material is light weight it is simply irreplaceable in construction of abutments to bridges, strengthening of approaches and construction of foundations under the bridge bearings, in bridge girder, enforcement of embankments and backfills.

 From the experience of the US company Provoton:


Сellular Fibro Concrete is used in the construction of tunnels, underground railways, etc. In tunnels the material is used as backfill for the void between the soil and the tube. As the material matures it increases in volume and this allows to fill all voids and cavities and at the same time the material serves as a perfect heat insulator, noise absorber and is water-resistant.

From the experience of the US company Provoton: