Other applications

As it is hardly possible to list all spheres of application of CFC here we will briefly mention where our customers have used Cellular Fibro Concrete:

  • in animal breeding - construction of heated floors;
  • in construction of football fields as foundations;
  • in construction of golf fields;
  • in shooting training fields and galleries in the army as shock-absorbing walls (ricochet-free);
  • in ship building - filling of voids between walls;
  • in fire-proofing of safes in banks;
  • in oil industry - conservation of wells;
  • in construction of ponds, artificial lakes, reservoirs and dams;
  • in socle coating and stone revetment in houses and cottages;
  • in fire-proofing of metal structures;
  • in construction and embankment of dams and rivers to prevent flooding,



We will be glad if you share your experience in the application of CFC.