Low level buildings

The application of cellular concrete in low level buildings is common today in many countries. The material has passed the test of time. Cellular concrete is applied mostly in blocks, arches, overhead covering slabs. Market leader in this segment is the German company YTONG.

The dry mixture CFC opens an even broader range of application in the construction of houses, cottages, etc. Here are some examples of where CFC is used today:

  • building of lightweight foundations (bearing plates);
  • socle formation;
  • construction of vespaios;
  • floor laying;
  • building of monolithic walls and coverings with irreplaceable shuttering;
  • building of flat (level) roofs with arrangements of green spaces;
  • decorating of completed buildings with small-item architecture elements.

And this is not at all the full range of applications, when precast blocks made of cellular concrete cannot be used.