Before demolding

Before demolding

Precision steel form-works work best for making CFC blocks. The CFC material is highly adhesive and when expanding it fills all tiny cavities, so it works very well for monolith applications, binds well with steel or plastic reinforcements, binds well with other cement based materials. Because of that form-works for making blocks must be treated with releasing agents and form-works that can be disassembled at demolding are preferable.

First colored blocks

Blue yellow red colored blocks

We tried four colors - white, blue, yellow and red. White was a failure, because we used both grey fly ash and cement. We know white cement and sand will make white colored blocks and the next test will be to prove that. Now we were just curious to try coloring the gray fly ash and cement.

On the left and right sides of the blocks there are a few uncolored forms for comparison. We'll continue the tests with different colorants from different manufacturers.